Limited access authorization (LAA).
(1) CSAs may make LAA determinations for non-U.S. citizen entity employees in rare circumstances, when:
(i) A non-U.S. citizen employee possesses unique or unusual skill or expertise that the agency urgently needs to support a specific U.S. Government contract or agreement; and
(ii) A U.S. citizen with those skills is not available.
(2) A CSA may grant LAAs up to the secret classified level.
(3) CSAs may not use LAAs for access to:
(i) Top secret (TS) information;
(ii) RD or FRD information;
(iii) Information that a Government-designated disclosure authority has not determined releasable to the country of which the individual is a citizen;
(iv) COMSEC information;
(v) Intelligence information, to include SCI;
(vi) NATO information, except as follows: Foreign nationals of a NATO member nation may be authorized access to NATO information subject to the terms of the contract, if the responsible CSA obtains a NATO security clearance certificate from the individual's country of citizenship. NATO access is limited to performance on a specific NATO contract;
(vii) Information for which the U.S. Government has prohibited foreign disclosure in whole or in part; or
(viii) Information provided to the U.S. Government by another government that is classified or provided in confidence.
(4) The responsible CSA provides specific procedures to entities for requesting LAAs. The GCA must concur on an entity's LAA request before the CSA may grant it.


32 CFR § 2004.36

Scoping language

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