parachute payment

A-2: The term parachute payment means any payment (other than an exempt payment described in Q/A-5) that -
(1) Is in the nature of compensation;
(2) Is made or is to be made to (or for the benefit of) a disqualified individual;
(3) Is contingent on a change -
(i) In the ownership of a corporation;
(ii) In the effective control of a corporation; or
(iii) In the ownership of a substantial portion of the assets of a corporation; and
(4) Has (together with other payments described in paragraphs (a)(1), (2), and (3) of this A-2 with respect to the same disqualified individual) an aggregate present value of at least 3 times the individual's base amount.
(b) Hereinafter, a change referred to in paragraph (a)(3) of this A-2 is generally referred to as a change in ownership or control. For a discussion of the application of paragraph (a)(1), see Q/A-11 through Q/A-14; paragraph (a)(2), Q/A-15 through Q/A-21; paragraph (a)(3), Q/A-22 through Q/A-29; and paragraph (a)(4), Q/A-30 through Q/A-36.
(c) The term parachute payment also includes any payment in the nature of compensation to (or for the benefit of) a disqualified individual that is pursuant to an agreement that violates a generally enforced securities law or regulation. This type of parachute payment is referred to in this section as a securities violation parachute payment. See Q/A-37 for the definition and treatment of securities violation parachute payments.


26 CFR § 1.280G-1

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