(4) Compliance. The derivatives clearing organization shall comply, and shall demonstrate compliance as requested by the Commission, with any condition of its registration.


17 CFR § 39.51

Scoping language

(1) A derivatives clearing organization shall be eligible for registration for the clearing of swaps subject to compliance with this subpart if:
(i) The Commission determines that compliance by the derivatives clearing organization with its home country regulatory regime constitutes compliance with the core principles set forth in section 5b(c)(2) of the Act;
(ii) The derivatives clearing organization is in good regulatory standing in its home country;
(iii) The Commission determines the derivatives clearing organization does not pose substantial risk to the U.S. financial system; and
(iv) A memorandum of understanding or similar arrangement satisfactory to the Commission is in effect between the Commission and the derivatives clearing organization's home country regulator, pursuant to which, among other things, the home country regulator agrees to provide to the Commission any information that the Commission deems appropriate to evaluate the initial and continued eligibility of the derivatives clearing organization for registration or to review its compliance with any conditions of such registration.
(2) To the extent that the derivatives clearing organization's home country regulatory regime lacks legal requirements that correspond to those core principles less related to risk, the Commission may, in its discretion, grant registration subject to conditions that would address the relevant core principles.

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