Suspension or termination.

Suspension or termination. The D/FA may suspend a Pool Assembler from operating in the Secondary Market for up to 18 months or terminate its status as a Pool Assembler, if the Pool Assembler (and/or its Associates):
(1) Does not comply with any of the requirements in ยง 120.630 (a) and (c);
(2) Has been indicted or otherwise formally charged with, or convicted of, a misdemeanor or felony;
(3) Has received an adverse civil judgment that it has committed a breach of trust or a violation of a law or regulation protecting the integrity of business transactions or relationships;
(4) Has not formed a Pool for at least three years; or
(5) Is under investigation by its regulating authority for activities which may affect its fitness to participate in the Secondary Market.


13 CFR § 120.631

Scoping language

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