Sulfur recovery plant

Sulfur recovery plant means all process units which recover sulfur or produce sulfuric acid from hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and/or sulfur dioxide (SO2) from a common source of sour gas at a petroleum refinery. The sulfur recovery plant also includes sulfur pits used to store the recovered sulfur product, but it does not include secondary sulfur storage vessels or loading facilities downstream of the sulfur pits. For example, a Claus sulfur recovery plant includes: Reactor furnace and waste heat boiler, catalytic reactors, sulfur pits, and, if present, oxidation or reduction control systems, or incinerator, thermal oxidizer, or similar combustion device. Multiple sulfur recovery units are a single sulfur recovery plant only when the units share the same source of sour gas. Sulfur recovery units that receive source gas from completely segregated sour gas treatment systems are separate sulfur recovery plants.


40 CFR § 98.6

Scoping language

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