Alternate IV

Alternate IV (OCT 1995). If the contract includes subsistence for both Government use and resale in the same Schedule and similar products may be acquired on a brand-name basis and the contract also involves a partial small business set-aside, substitute the following paragraph for paragraph (c) of the basic clause and add the following paragraph (g) to the basic clause:
(c) The Government's requirements for each item or subitem of supplies or services described in the Schedule are being purchased through one non-set-aside contract and one set-aside contract. Therefore, the Government shall order from each Contractor approximately one-half of the total supplies or services specified in the Schedule that are required to be purchased by the specified Government activity or activities. The Government may choose between the set-aside Contractor and the non-set-aside Contractor in placing any particular order. However, the Government shall allocate successive orders, in accordance with its delivery requirements, to maintain as close a ratio as is reasonably practicable between the total quantities ordered from the two Contractors.
(g) The requirements referred to in this contract are for items to be manufactured according to the Government specifications. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary stated in the contract, the Government may acquire similar products by brand name from other sources for resale.


48 CFR § 52.216-21

Scoping language

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