Gross proceeds

Gross proceeds (for royalty payment purposes) means the total monies and other consideration accruing to a coal lessee for the production and disposition of the coal produced. Gross proceeds includes, but is not limited to, payments to the lessee for certain services such as crushing, sizing, screening, storing, mixing, loading, treatment with substances including chemicals or oils, and other preparation of the coal to the extent that the lessee is obligated to perform them at no cost to the Indian lessor. Gross proceeds, as applied to coal, also includes but is not limited to reimbursements for royalties, taxes or fees, and other reimbursements. Tax reimbursements are part of the gross proceeds accruing to a lessee even though the Indian royalty interest may be exempt from taxation. Monies and other consideration, including the forms of consideration identified in this paragraph, to which a lessee is contractually or legally entitled but which it does not seek to collect through reasonable efforts are also part of gross proceeds.


30 CFR § 1206.451

Scoping language

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