Eligible family member

Eligible family member means a family member who may be eligible for derivative T nonimmigrant status based on his or her relationship to an alien victim and, if required, upon a showing of a present danger or retaliation; and:
(1) In the case of an alien victim who is 21 years of age or older, means the spouse and children of such alien;
(2) In the case of an alien victim under 21 years of age, means the spouse, children, unmarried siblings under 18 years of age, and parents of such alien; and
(3) Regardless of the age of an alien victim, means any parent or unmarried sibling under 18 years of age, or adult or minor child of a derivative of such alien where the family member faces a present danger of retaliation as a result of the alien victim's escape from a severe form of trafficking or cooperation with law enforcement.


8 CFR § 214.11

Scoping language

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