Plan means a Strategic Community Investment Plan illustrating:
(1) A variety of activities designed to facilitate the vision of a rural community for the future including considerations for improving and expanding broadband services as needed;
(2) Participation by multiple stakeholders, including local and regional partners;
(3) Leverage of applicable regional resources;
(4) Investment from strategic partners, such as private organizations, cooperatives, other government entities, Indian tribes, and philanthropic organizations;
(5) Clear objectives with the ability to establish measurable performance metrics;
(6) Action steps for implementation; and
(7) Any other elements necessary to ensure that the plan results in a comprehensive and strategic approach to rural economic development, as determined by the Secretary.


7 CFR § 1980.1005

Scoping language

In addition to the definitions found in the regulations for the programs identified in 1980.1002, the following definitions apply to this subpart. If the same term is defined in any of the regulations for the programs identified in 1980.1002, for purposes of this subpart, that term will have the meaning identified in this subpart.

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