Urban bus

Urban bus means a heavy heavy-duty diesel-powered passenger-carrying vehicle with a load capacity of fifteen or more passengers and intended primarily for intra-city operation, i.e., within the confines of a city or greater metropolitan area. Urban bus operation is characterized by short rides and frequent stops. To facilitate this type of operation, more than one set of quick-operating entrance and exit doors would normally be installed. Since fares are usually paid in cash or tokens rather than purchased in advance in the form of tickets, urban buses would normally have equipment installed for collection of fares. Urban buses are also typically characterized by the absence of equipment and facilities for long distance travel, e.g., rest rooms, large luggage compartments, and facilities for stowing carry-on luggage. The useful life for urban buses is the same as the useful life for other heavy heavy-duty diesel engines.


40 CFR § 86.091-2

Scoping language

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