Performance level

Performance level means the level at which the regulated material in the gases or vapors vented to a control or recovery device is removed, recovered, or destroyed. Examples of control device performance levels include: achieving a minimum organic reduction efficiency expressed as a percentage of regulated material removed or destroyed in the control device inlet stream on a weight-basis; achieving an organic concentration in the control device exhaust stream that is less than a maximum allowable limit expressed in parts per million by volume on a dry basis corrected to 3 percent oxygen if a combustion device is the control device and supplemental combustion air is used to combust the emissions; or maintaining appropriate control device operating parameters indicative of the device performance at specified values.


40 CFR § 63.981

Scoping language

Alternative test method means any method of sampling and analyzing for an air pollutant that is not a reference test or equivalent method, and that has been demonstrated to the Administrator's satisfaction, using Method 301 in appendix A of this part 63, or previously approved by the Administrator prior to the promulgation date of standards for an affected source or affected facility under a referencing subpart, to produce results adequate for the Administrator's determination that it may be used in place of a test method specified in this subpart.

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