Stripping (Paint)

Stripping (Paint) involves removing a paint (or other organic) coating from a metal basis material. Stripping commonly is performed as part of the manufacturing process to recover parts that have been improperly coated or as part of maintenance and rebuilding to restore parts to a usable condition. Organic coatings (including paint) are stripped using thermal, mechanical, and chemical means. Thermal methods include burn-off ovens, fluidized beds of sand, and molten salt baths. Mechanical methods include scraping and abrasive blasting (as defined in Abrasive Blasting in appendix B of this part). Chemical paint strippers include alkali solutions, acid solutions, and solvents (e.g., methylene chloride). Wastewater generated during organic coating stripping includes process solutions (limited mostly to chemical paint strippers and rinses).


40 CFR § C_to_part_438

Scoping language

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