Process tank

Process tank means a tank or vessel that is used within a process to collect material discharged from a feedstock storage tank or equipment within the process before the material is transferred to other equipment within the process or a product storage tank. A process tank has emissions that are related to the characteristics of the batch cycle, and it does not accumulate product over multiple batches. Surge control vessels and bottoms receivers are not process tanks.


40 CFR § 63.2550

Scoping language

For an affected source complying with the requirements in subpart SS of this part 63, the terms used in this subpart and in subpart SS of this part 63 have the meaning given them in 63.981, except as specified in 63.2450(k)(2) and (m), 63.2470(c)(2), 63.2475(b), and paragraph (i) of this section.

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