Unloading incidental to movement

Unloading incidental to movement means removing a packaged or containerized hazardous material from a transport vehicle, aircraft, or vessel, or for a bulk packaging, emptying a hazardous material from the bulk packaging after the hazardous material has been delivered to the consignee when performed by carrier personnel or in the presence of carrier personnel or, in the case of a private motor carrier, while the driver of the motor vehicle from which the hazardous material is being unloaded immediately after movement is completed is present during the unloading operation. (Emptying a hazardous material from a bulk packaging while the packaging is on board a vessel is subject to separate regulations as delegated by Department of Homeland Security Delegation No. 0170.1 at 2.) Unloading incidental to movement includes transloading.


49 CFR § 171.8

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