Affected source,

Affected source, for the purposes of this part, means the collection of equipment, activities, or both within a single contiguous area and under common control that is included in a section 112 source category or subcategory for which a section 112(d) standard or other relevant standard is established pursuant to section 112 of the Act. Each relevant standard will define the affected source, as defined in this paragraph unless a different definition is warranted based on a published justification as to why this definition would result in significant administrative, practical, or implementation problems and why the different definition would resolve those problems. The term affected source, as used in this part, is separate and distinct from any other use of that term in EPA regulations such as those implementing title IV of the Act. Affected source may be defined differently for part 63 than affected facility and stationary source in parts 60 and 61, respectively. This definition of affected source, and the procedures for adopting an alternative definition of affected source, shall apply to each section 112(d) standard for which the initial proposed rule is signed by the Administrator after June 30, 2002.


40 CFR § 63.2

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