Qualified person

Qualified person is an individual who is:
(1) A mineral industry professional with at least five years of relevant experience in the type of mineralization and type of deposit under consideration and in the specific type of activity that person is undertaking on behalf of the registrant; and
(2) An eligible member or licensee in good standing of a recognized professional organization at the time the technical report is prepared. For an organization to be a recognized professional organization, it must:
(i) Be either:
(A) An organization recognized within the mining industry as a reputable professional association; or
(B) A board authorized by U.S. federal, state or foreign statute to regulate professionals in the mining, geoscience or related field;
(ii) Admit eligible members primarily on the basis of their academic qualifications and experience;
(iii) Establish and require compliance with professional standards of competence and ethics;
(iv) Require or encourage continuing professional development;
(v) Have and apply disciplinary powers, including the power to suspend or expel a member regardless of where the member practices or resides; and
(vi) Provide a public list of members in good standing.


17 CFR § 229.1300

Scoping language

As used in this subpart, these terms have the following meanings:

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