Specialty sugar

Specialty sugar means brown slab sugar (also known as slab sugar candy), pearl sugar (also known as perl sugar, perle sugar, and nibs sugar), vanilla sugar, rock candy, demerara sugar, dragees for cooking and baking, fondant (a creamy blend of sugar and glucose), ti light sugar (99.2% sugar with the residual comprised of the artificial sweeteners aspartame and acesulfame K), caster sugar, golden syrup, ferdiana granella grossa, golden granulated sugar, muscovado, molasses sugar, sugar decorations, sugar cubes, and other sugars, as determined by the United States Trade Representative, that would be considered specialty sugar products within the normal commerce of the United States, all of which in addition:
(1) Are sugars, syrups, or molasses described in subheading 1701.11.10, 1701.12.10, 1701.91.10, 1701.99.10, 1702.90.10, or 2106.90.44 of the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States,
(2) Are the product of a specialty sugar source country, and


15 CFR § 2011.202

Scoping language

Unless the context otherwise requires, for the purpose of this subpart, the following terms shall have the meanings assigned below.

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