Joint planning

Joint planning means an ongoing partnership process between ACF and the State and between ACF and an Indian Tribe in the development, review, analysis, and refinement and/or revision of the State's and the Indian Tribe's child and family services plan. Joint planning involves discussions, consultation, and negotiation between ACF and the State or Indian Tribe in all areas of CFSP creation such as, but not limited to, identifying the service needs of children, youth, and families; selecting the unmet service needs that will be addressed; developing goals and objectives that will result in improving outcomes for children and families; developing a plan to meet the matching requirements; and establishing a more comprehensive, coordinated and effective child and family services delivery system. The expectation of joint planning is that both ACF and the State or Indian Tribe will reach agreement on substantive and procedural matters related to the CFSP.


45 CFR § 1357.10

Scoping language

Scope. This part applies to State and Indian Tribal programs for child welfare services under subpart 1, and family preservation and family support services under subpart 2 of title IV-B of the Act.

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