Duty cycle

Duty cycle means one of the following:
(1) A series of speed and torque values (or power values) that an engine must follow during a laboratory test. Duty cycles are specified in the standard-setting part. A single duty cycle may consist of one or more test intervals. A series of speed and torque values meeting the definition of this paragraph (1) may also be considered a test cycle. For example, a duty cycle may be a ramped-modal cycle, which has one test interval; a cold-start plus hot-start transient cycle, which has two test intervals; or a discrete-mode cycle, which has one test interval for each mode.
(2) A set of weighting factors and the corresponding speed and torque values, where the weighting factors are used to combine the results of multiple test intervals into a composite result.


40 CFR § 1065.1001

Scoping language

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