Grandfathered item

Grandfathered item means all rented items within a product category for which payment was made prior to the implementation of a competitive bidding program to a grandfathered supplier that chooses to continue to furnish the items in accordance with 414.408 of this subpart and that fall within the following payment categories for competitive bidding:
(1) An inexpensive or routinely purchased item described in § 414.220 of this part.
(2) An item requiring frequent and substantial servicing, as described in § 414.222 of this part.
(3) Oxygen and oxygen equipment described in § 414.226 of this part.
(4) Other DME described in § 414.229 of this part.


42 CFR § 414.402

Scoping language

For purposes of this subpart, the following definitions apply:

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