willful failure

willful failure means a knowing failure or a reckless disregard with respect to whether the conduct was contrary to sections 212(n)(1)(A)(i) or (ii), or 212(t)(1)(A)(i) or (ii) of the INA, or 655.731or 655.732. SeeMcLaughlinv.Richland Shoe Co.,486 U.S. 128 (1988); see alsoTrans World Airlinesv.Thurston,469 U.S. 111 (1985).


20 CFR § 655.805

Scoping language

The Administrator, through investigation, shall determine whether an H-1B employer has -
(1) Filed a labor condition application with ETA which misrepresents a material fact (Note to paragraph (a)(1): Federal criminal statutes provide penalties of up to $10,000 and/or imprisonment of up to five years for knowing and willful submission of false statements to the Federal Government. 18 U.S.C. 1001; see also 18 U.S.C. 1546);
(2) Failed to pay wages (including benefits provided as compensation for services), as required under § 655.731 (including payment of wages for certain nonproductive time);
(3) Failed to provide working conditions as required under § 655.732;
(4) Filed a labor condition application for H-1B nonimmigrants during a strike or lockout in the course of a labor dispute in the occupational classification at the place of employment, as prohibited by § 655.733;
(5) Failed to provide notice of the filing of the labor condition application, as required in § 655.734;
(6) Failed to specify accurately on the labor condition application the number of workers sought, the occupational classification in which the H-1B nonimmigrant(s) will be employed, or the wage rate and conditions under which the H-1B nonimmigrant(s) will be employed;
(7) Displaced a U.S. worker (including displacement of a U.S. worker employed by a secondary employer at the worksite where an H-1B worker is placed), as prohibited by § 655.738 (if applicable);
(8) Failed to make the required displacement inquiry of another employer at a worksite where H-1B nonimmigrant(s) were placed, as set forth in § 655.738 (if applicable);
(9) Failed to recruit in good faith, as required by § 655.739 (if applicable);
(10) Displaced a U.S. worker in the course of committing a willful violation of any of the conditions in paragraphs (a)(2) through (9) of this section, or willful misrepresentation of a material fact on a labor condition application;
(11) Required or accepted from an H-1B nonimmigrant payment or remittance of the additional $500/$1,000 fee incurred in filing an H-1B petition with the DHS, as prohibited by § 655.731(c)(10)(ii);
(12) Required or attempted to require an H-1B nonimmigrant to pay a penalty for ceasing employment prior to an agreed upon date, as prohibited by § 655.731(c)(10)(i);
(13) Discriminated against an employee for protected conduct, as prohibited by § 655.801;
(14) Failed to make available for public examination the application and necessary document(s) at the employer's principal place of business or worksite, as required by § 655.760(a);
(15) Failed to maintain documentation, as required by this part; and
(16) Failed otherwise to comply in any other manner with the provisions of this subpart I or subpart H of this part.

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