Purpose and scope.

Purpose and scope. This section and 1.6038A2 through 1.6038A7 provide rules for certain foreign-owned U.S. corporations and foreign corporations engaged in trade or business within the United States (reporting corporations) relating to information that must be furnished, records that must be maintained, and the authorization of the reporting corporation to act as agent for related foreign persons for purposes of sections 7602, 7603, and 7604 that must be executed. Section 6038A(a) and this section require that a reporting corporation furnish certain information annually and maintain certain records relating to transactions between the reporting corporation and certain related parties. This section also provides definitions of terms used in section 6038A. Section 1.6038A2 provides guidance concerning the information to be submitted and the filing of the required return. Section 1.6038A3 provides guidance concerning the maintenance of records. Section 1.6038A4 provides guidance concerning the application of the monetary penalty for the failure either to furnish information or to maintain records. Section 1.6038A5 provides guidance concerning the authorization of an agent for purposes of sections 7602, 7603, and 7604. Section 1.6038A6 provides guidance concerning the failure to furnish information requested by a summons. Finally, 1.6038A7 provides guidance concerning the application of the noncompliance penalty for failure by the related party to authorize an agent or by the reporting corporation to substantially comply with a summons.


26 CFR § 1.6038A-1

Scoping language

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