Excluded nonfinancial payments.

(iii) Excluded nonfinancial payments. Payments for the following: services (including wages and other forms of employee compensation (such as stock options)), the use of property, office and equipment leases, software licenses, transportation, freight, gambling winnings, awards, prizes, scholarships, and interest on outstanding accounts payable arising from the acquisition of goods or services. Notwithstanding the preceding sentence, excluded nonfinancial payments do not include: payments in connection with a lending transaction (including loans of securities), a forward, futures, option, or notional principal contract, or a similar financial instrument; premiums for insurance contracts or annuity contracts; amounts paid under cash value insurance or annuity contracts; dividends; interest (including substitute interest described in 1.861-2(a)(7)) other than interest described in the preceding sentence; gross proceeds other than gross proceeds described in paragraph (a)(4)(iv) of this section; investment advisory fees; custodial fees; and bank or brokerage fees.


26 CFR § 1.1473-1

Scoping language

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