Time for making election

Time for making election -
(1) In general. An election under section 142(f)(4)(B) must be filed with the Internal Revenue Service on or before 90 days after the date of the service area expansion that causes bonds to cease to meet the requirements of sections 142(a)(8) and (f).
(2) Date of service area expansion. For the purposes of this section, the date of the service area expansion is the first date on which the local furnisher is authorized to collect revenue for the provision of service in the expanded area.
(c) Manner of making election. An election under section 142(f)(4)(B) must be captioned “ELECTION TO TERMINATE TAX-EXEMPT BOND FINANCING”, must be signed under penalties of perjury by a person who has authority to sign on behalf of the local furnisher, and must contain the following information -
(1) The name of the local furnisher;
(2) The tax identification number of the local furnisher;
(3) The complete address of the local furnisher;
(4) The date of the service area expansion;
(5) Identification of each bond issue subject to the election, including the complete name of each issue, the tax identification number of each issuer, the report number of the information return filed under section 149(e) for each issue, the issue date of each issue, the CUSIP number (if any) of the bond with the latest maturity of each issue, the issue price of each issue, the adjusted issue price of each issue as of the date of the election, the earliest date on which the bonds of each issue may be redeemed, and the principal amount of bonds of each issue to be redeemed on the earliest redemption date;
(6) A statement that the local furnisher making the election agrees to the conditions stated in section 142(f)(4)(B); and
(7) A statement that each issuer of the bonds subject to the election has received written notice of the election.


26 CFR § 1.142(f)(4)-1

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