(3) Revocation. Upon application by the United States shareholder, the election made under this section may, subject to the approval of the Commissioner, be revoked. Approval will not be granted unless the United States shareholder and the Commissioner agree to the terms, conditions, and adjustments under which the revocation will be effected. Unless such agreement provides otherwise, the change in the controlled foreign corporation's qualified investments in foreign base company shipping operations for its first taxable year for which income is computed without regard to the election previously made will be considered to be zero for purposes of effectuating the revocation. The application for consent to revocation shall be made by the United States shareholder's mailing a letter for such purpose to the Commissioner of Internal Revenue, Washington, DC 20224. The application shall be mailed before the close of the first taxable year of the controlled foreign corporation with respect to which the shareholder desires to compute the amounts described in section 954(b)(2) or 955(a) without regard to the election provided in this section. The application shall include the following information:


26 CFR § 1.955A-4

Scoping language

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