Customary exchange

Customary exchange means the non-market exchange of marine resources between fishermen and community residents, including family and friends of community residents, for goods, and/or services for cultural, social, or religious reasons. Customary exchange may include cost recovery through monetary reimbursements and other means for actual trip expenses, including but not limited to ice, bait, fuel, or food, that may be necessary to participate in fisheries in the western Pacific. Actual trip expenses do not include expenses that a fisherman would incur without making a fishing trip, including expenses relating to dock space, vessel mortgage payments, routine vessel maintenance, vessel registration fees, safety equipment required by U.S. Coast Guard, and other incidental costs and expenses normally associated with ownership of a vessel.


50 CFR § 665.12

Scoping language

In addition to the definitions in the Magnuson-Stevens Act, 600.10 of this chapter, and subparts B through F of this part, general definitions for western Pacific fisheries have the following meanings:

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