Guidelines. The following considerations and guidelines are taken into account in evaluating a carrier's proposal to change its system of procedural terminology and coding:
(1) The rationale for converting to the new terminology and coding;
(2) The estimated short-run and long-run impact on the cost of the health insurance program, other medical care costs, administrative expenses, and the reliability of the estimates;
(3) The degree to which the conversion to the proposed new terminology and coding can be accomplished in a way that permits full implementation of the reasonable charge criteria in accordance with the provisions of this subpart;
(4) The degree to which the proposed new terminology and coding are accepted by physicians in the carrier's area (physician acceptance is assumed only if a majority of the Medicare and non-Medicare bills and claims completed by physicians in the area and submitted to the carrier can reasonably be expected to utilize the proposed new terminology and coding);
(5) The extent to which the proposed new terminology and coding system is used by the carrier in its non-Medicare business;
(6) The clarity with which the proposed system defines its terminology and whether the system lends itself to:
(i) Accurate determinations of coverage;
(ii) Proper assessment of the appropriate level of payment; and
(iii) Meeting the carrier's or Professional Standards Review Organizations' review needs and such other review needs as may be appropriate;
(7) Compatibility of the new terminology and coding system with other systems that the carrier and other carriers may utilize in the administration of the Medicare program - e.g., its compatibility with systems and statistical requirements and with the historical data in the carrier's processing system; and
(8) Compatibility of the proposed system with the carriers methods for determining payment under the fee schedule for physicians' services for services which are identified by a single element of terminology but which may vary in content.


42 CFR § 405.512

Scoping language

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