Alternate I

Alternate I (AUG 2016).As prescribed in 970.4501-1, when the award is to a nonprofit contractor, replace paragraph (j) of the basic clause with the following paragraph (j):
(j) The term “contractor's managerial personnel” as used in this clause means the Contractor's directors, officers and any of its managers, superintendents, or other equivalent representatives who have supervision or direction of all or substantially all of -
(1) The Contractor's business; or
(2) The Contractor's operations at any one facility or separate location at which this contract is being performed; or
(3) The Contractor's Government property system and/or a Major System Project as defined in DOE Order 413.3B, or successor version (Version in effect on effective date of contract).


48 CFR § 970.5245-1

Scoping language

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