Qualification, as relevant to a tank car, means the car and its components conforms to the specification to which it was designed, manufactured, or modified to the requirements of this subpart, to the applicable requirements of the AAR Specifications for Tank Cars (IBR, see 171.7 of this subchapter), and to the owner's acceptance criteria. Qualification is accomplished by careful and critical examination that verifies conformance using inspections and tests based on a written program approved by the tank car owner followed by a written representation of that conformance. A tank car that passes the appropriate tests for its specification, has a signed test report, is marked to denote this passage, and is considered qualified for hazardous materials transportation under this subchapter.


49 CFR § 180.503

Scoping language

The following definitions and those contained in 171.8 and 179.2 of this subchapter apply:

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