Potentially disqualifying FFD information

Potentially disqualifying FFD information means information demonstrating that an individual has -
(1) Violated a licensee's or other entity's FFD policy;
(2) Had authorization denied or terminated unfavorably under ยงยง 26.35(c)(2), 26.53(i), 26.63(d), 26.65(g), 26.67(c), 26.69(f), or 26.75(b) through (e);
(3) Used, sold, or possessed illegal drugs;
(4) Abused legal drugs or alcohol;
(5) Subverted or attempted to subvert a drug or alcohol testing program;
(6) Refused to take a drug or alcohol test;
(7) Been subjected to a plan for substance abuse treatment (except for self-referral); or
(8) Had legal action or employment action, as defined in this section, taken for alcohol or drug use.


10 CFR § 26.5

Scoping language

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