An item is routine if it does not (1) require requisitioning certificates of an issue for which the transfer agent, under the terms of its agency, does not maintain a supply of certificates; (2) include a certificate as to which the transfer agent has received notice of a stop order, adverse claim, or any other restriction on transfer; (3) require any additional certificates, documentation, instructions, assignments, guarantees, endorsements, explanations, or opinions of counsel before transfer may be effected; (4) require review of supporting documentation other than assignments, endorsements or stock powers, certified corporate resolutions, signature, or other common and ordinary guarantees, or appropriate tax, or tax waivers; (5) involve a transfer in connection with a reorganization, tender offer, exchange, redemption, or liquidation; (6) include a warrant, right, or convertible security presented for transfer of record ownership within five business days before any day upon which exercise or conversion privileges lapse or change; (7) include a warrant, right, or convertible security presented for exercise or conversion; or (8) include a security of an issue which within the previous 15 business days was offered to the public, pursuant to a registration statement effective under the Securities Act of 1933, in an offering not of a continuing nature.


17 CFR § 240.17Ad-1

Scoping language

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