Exhibit E

Exhibit E is an Environmental Report.
(1) For major unconstructed and major modified projects 5 MW or less. Any application must contain an Exhibit E conforming with the data and consultation requirements of § 4.41(f) of this chapter, if the application is for license for a water power project which has or is proposed to have a total installed generating capacity greater than 1.5 MW but not greater than 5 MW, and which:
(i) Would use the water power potential of a dam and impoundment which, at the time of application, has not been constructed (see § 4.30(b)(15)); or
(ii) Involves any repair, modification or reconstruction of an existing dam that would result in a significant change in the normal maximum surface area or elevation of an existing impoundment or involves any change in existing project works or operations that would result in a significant environmental impact (see § 4.30(b)(14)).
(2) For minor projects and major projects at existing dams 5 MW or less. An application for license for either a minor water power project with a total proposed installed generating capacity of 1.5 MW or less or a major project - existing dam with a proposed total installed capacity of 5 MW or less must contain an Exhibit E under this subparagraph. See § 4.38 for consultation requirements. The Environmental Report must contain the following information:
(i) A description, including any maps or photographs which the applicant considers appropriate, of the environmental setting of the project, including vegetative cover, fish and wildlife resources, water quality and quantity, land and water uses, recreational uses, historical and archeological resources, and scenic and aesthetic resources. The report must include a discussion of endangered or threatened plant and animal species, any critical habitats, and any sites included in, or eligible for inclusion in, the National Register of Historic Places. The applicant may obtain assistance in the preparation of this information from state natural resources agencies, the state historic preservation officer, and from local offices of Federal natural resources agencies.
(ii) A description of the expected environmental impacts from proposed construction or development and the proposed operation of the power project, including any impacts from any proposed changes in the capacity and mode of operation of the project if it is already generating electric power, and an explanation of the specific measures proposed by the applicant, the agencies, and others to protect and enhance environmental resources and values and to mitigate adverse impacts of the project on such resources. The applicant must explain its reasons for not undertaking any measures proposed by any agency consulted.
(iii) A description of the steps taken by the applicant in consulting with Federal, state, and local agencies with expertise in environmental matters during the preparation of this exhibit prior to filing the application for license with the Commission. In this report, the applicant must:
(A) Indicate which agencies were consulted during the preparation of the environmental report and provide copies of letters or other documentation showing that the applicant consulted or attempted to consult with each of the relevant agencies (specifying each agency) before filing the application, including any terms or conditions of license that those agencies have determined are appropriate to prevent loss of, or damage to, natural resources; and
(B) List those agencies that were provided copies of the application as filed with the Commission, the date or dates provided, and copies of any letters that may be received from agencies commenting on the application.
(iv) Any additional information the applicant considers important.


18 CFR § 4.61

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