Rotorcraft Flight Manual.

IX. Rotorcraft Flight Manual. A Rotorcraft Flight Manual or Rotorcraft Flight Manual IFR Supplement must be provided and must contain -
(a) Limitations. The approved IFR flight envelope, the IFR flightcrew composition, the revised kinds of operation, and the steepest IFR precision approach gradient for which the helicopter is approved;
(b) Procedures. Required information for proper operation of IFR systems and the recommended procedures in the event of stability augmentation or electrical system failures; and
(c) Performance. If VYI differs from VY, climb performance at VYI and with maximum continuous power throughout the ranges of weight, altitude, and temperature for which approval is requested.


14 CFR § B_to_part_27

Scoping language

I. General. A normal category helicopter may not be type certificated for operation under the instrument flight rules (IFR) of this chapter unless it meets the design and installation requirements contained in this appendix.

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