Tumbling/Barrel Finishing/Mass Finishing/Vibratory Finishing

Tumbling/Barrel Finishing/Mass Finishing/Vibratory Finishing involves polishing or deburring a part using a rotating or vibrating container and abrasive media or other polishing materials to achieve a desired surface appearance. Parts to be finished are placed in a rotating barrel or vibrating unit with an abrasive media (e.g., ceramic chips, pebbles), water, and chemical additives (e.g., alkaline detergents). As the barrel rotates, the upper layer of the part slides toward the lower side of the barrel, causing the abrading or polishing. Similar results can be achieved in a vibrating unit, where the entire contents of the container are in constant motion, or in a centrifugal unit, which compacts the load of media and parts as the unit spins and generates up to 50 times the force of gravity. Spindle finishing is a similar process, where parts to be finished are mounted on fixtures and exposed to a rapidly moving abrasive slurry. Wastewater generated during barrel finishing includes spent process solutions and rinses. Following the finishing process, the contents of the barrel are unloaded. Process wastewater is either discharged continuously during the process, discharged after finishing, or collected and reused. The parts are sometimes given a final rinse to remove particles of abrasive media.


40 CFR § B_to_part_438

Scoping language

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