Packages. If the garments are sold in packages, the package must have a label as shown following this paragraph with the same language that would appear on the hangtag. The label must have a text box that measures 3/4 3 3/4. The text must be 11 point Arial/Helvetica in black lettering against a yellow background. The packages must be prominently, conspicuously, and legibly labeled with the required message. The package label may be adhesive.
(11) Bears a label as shown following this paragraph stating “Wear Snug-fitting, Not Flame Resistant.” The text must be printed on the front of the sizing label located on the center back of the garment and must be immediately below the size designation. The text must be a minimum of 5 point sans serif font in all capital letters and must be set apart from other label text by a line border. The text must contrast with the background color of the label. The label must not be covered by any other label or tag.


16 CFR § 1616.2

Scoping language

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