Categorically needy

Categorically needy refers to families and children, aged, blind, or disabled individuals, and pregnant women, described under subparts B and C of this part who are eligible for Medicaid. Subpart B of this part describes the mandatory eligibility groups who, generally, are receiving or deemed to be receiving cash assistance under the Act. These mandatory groups are specified in sections 1902(10)(A)(i), 1902(e), 1902(f), and 1928 of the Act. Subpart C of this part describes the optional eligibility groups of individuals who, generally, meet the categorical requirements or income or resource requirements that are the same as or less restrictive than those of the cash assistance programs and who are not receiving cash payments. These optional groups are specified in sections 1902(a)(10)(A)(ii), 1902(e), and 1902(f) of the Act.


42 CFR § 435.4

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