eligible OTC derivative instrument

The term eligible OTC derivative instrument does not include any contract, agreement, or transaction that:
(1) Provides for the purchase or sale of a security, on a firm basis, unless:
(i) The settlement date for such purchase or sale occurs at least one year following the trade date or, in the case of an eligible forward contract, at least four months following the trade date; or
(ii) The material economic features of the contract, agreement, or transaction consist primarily of features of a type described in paragraph (a) of this section other than the provision for the purchase or sale of a security on a firm basis; or
(2) Provides, in whole or in part, on a firm or contingent basis, for the purchase or sale of, or is based on the value of, or any interest in, any security (or group or index of securities), and is:
(i) Listed on, or traded on or through, a national securities exchange or registered national securities association, or facility or market thereof; or
(ii) Except as otherwise determined by the Commission by order pursuant to § 240.15a–1(b)(2), one of a class of fungible instruments that are standardized as to their material economic terms.


17 CFR § 240.3b-13

Scoping language

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