Criteria. The criteria in this paragraph (d) apply to the issuance and acceptance of U.S. and foreign certificates. When applying for a U.S. certificate, you must provide sufficient information for us to find that your proposed activity meets all of the following criteria:
(e) U.S. standard conditions. In addition to the conditions in § 23.56, you must meet all of the following conditions:
(1) You may not export or re-export a plant (including its parts, products, or derivatives) under this certificate if the plant was removed from the wild or grown directly from a wild seed or spore, except for plants grown from exempt plant materials that qualify as artificially propagated.
(2) You may not export an Appendix-I species that was propagated for commercial purposes under this certificate, except for hybrids of one or more Appendix-I species or taxa that are not annotated to treat hybrids as Appendix-I specimens. (See § 23.47.)
(3) You may export a native plant under this certificate only when specifically approved for export and listed on the certificate, inventory sheet, or an approved species list.
(4) You may export a specimen under a higher-taxon name only if you identified the taxon in your application and we approved it on this certificate.


50 CFR § 23.40

Scoping language

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