Accident/incident means:
(1) Any impact between railroad on-track equipment and a highway user at a highway-rail grade crossing. The term “highway user” includes automobiles, buses, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, farm vehicles, pedestrians, and all other modes of surface transportation motorized and un-motorized;
(2) Any collision, derailment, fire, explosion, act of God, or other event involving operation of railroad on-track equipment (standing or moving) that results in reportable damages greater than the current reporting threshold to railroad on-track equipment, signals, track, track structures, and roadbed;
(3) Each death, injury, or occupational illness that is a new case and meets the general reporting criteria listed in § 225.19(d)(1) through (d)(6) if an event or exposure arising from the operation of a railroad is a discernable cause of the resulting condition or a discernable cause of a significant aggravation to a pre-existing injury or illness. The event or exposure arising from the operation of a railroad need only be one of the discernable causes; it need not be the sole or predominant cause.
(4) Occupational illness.


49 CFR § 225.5

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