Expansion project

Expansion project means a project that meets the following requirements:
(1) You must propose the project in a (BOEM) Development and Production Plan, a BOEM Development Operations Coordination Document (DOCD), or a BOEM Supplement to a DOCD, approved by the Secretary of the Interior after November 28, 1995.
(2) The project must be located on either:
(i) A pre-Act lease in the GOM, or a lease in the GOM issued in a sale held after November 28, 2000, located wholly west of 87 degrees, 30 minutes West longitude; or
(ii) A lease in a planning area offshore Alaska.
(3) On a pre-Act lease in the GOM, the project:
(i) Must significantly increase the ultimate recovery of resources from one or more reservoirs that have not previously produced (extending recovery from reservoirs already in production does not constitute a significant increase); and
(ii) Must involve a substantial capital investment (e.g., fixed-leg platform, subsea template and manifold, tension-leg platform, multiple well project, etc.).
(4) For a lease issued in a planning area offshore Alaska, or in the GOM after November 28, 2000, the project must involve a new well drilled into a reservoir that has not previously produced.
(5) On a lease in the GOM, the project must not include a reservoir the production from which an RSV under §§ 203.30 through 203.36 or §§ 203.40 through 203.48 would be applied.


30 CFR § 203.0

Scoping language

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