Widely available on a Web site

Widely available on a Web site means
(i) The hospital facility conspicuously posts a complete and current version of the document on—
(A) The hospital facility's Web site;
(B) If the hospital facility does not have its own Web site separate from the hospital organization that operates it, the hospital organization's Web site; or
(C) A Web site established and maintained by another entity, but only if the Web site of the hospital facility or hospital organization (if the facility or organization has a Web site) provides a conspicuously-displayed link to the Web page where the document is posted, along with clear instructions for accessing the document on that Web site;
(ii) Individuals with access to the Internet can access, download, view, and print a hard copy of the document from the Web site—
(A) Without requiring special computer hardware or software (other than software that is readily available to members of the public without payment of any fee);
(B) Without paying a fee to the hospitality facility, hospital organization, or other entity maintaining the Web site; and
(C) Without creating an account or being otherwise required to provide personally identifiable information; and
(iii) The hospital facility provides individuals who ask how to access a copy of the document online with the direct Web site address, or URL, of the Web page where the document is posted.


26 CFR § 1.501(r)-1

Scoping language

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