Certification means a formal assertion of a fact (or facts), in a writing that is -
(1) Expressly intended to be relied upon by the PSOB determining official in connection with the determination of a claim specifically identified therein;
(2) Expressly directed to the PSOB determining official;
(3) Legally subject to the provisions of 18 U.S.C. 1001 (false statements) and 1621 (perjury), and 28 U.S.C. 1746 (declarations under penalty of perjury), and expressly declares the same to be so;
(4) Executed by a natural person with knowledge of the fact (or facts) asserted and with legal authority to execute the writing (such as to make the assertion legally that of the certifying party), and expressly declares the same (as to knowledge and authority) to be so;
(5) In such form as the Director may prescribe from time to time;
(6) True, complete, and accurate (or, at a minimum, not known or believed by the PSOB determining official to contain any material falsehood, incompleteness, or inaccuracy); and
(7) Unambiguous, precise, and unequivocal, in the judgment of the PSOB determining official, as to any fact asserted, any matter otherwise certified, acknowledged, indicated, or declared, and any provision of this definition.


28 CFR § 32.3

Scoping language

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