Meeting means the deliberations of at least a majority of all Regents in being or for committees, the deliberations of at least the number of individual voting members of the Board required to take action on behalf of the Board, where such deliberations determine or result in the joint conduct or disposition of official business of the Board, but does not include:
(1) Deliberations to open or close a meeting, or to release or withhold information, required or permitted by § 242a.5 or § 242a.6;
(2) Notation voting or similar consideration of matters whether by circulation of material to members individually in writing, or polling of members individually by telephone or telegram; and
(3) Instances where individual members, authorized to conduct business on behalf of the Board or to take action on behalf of the Board, meet with members of the public or staff. Conference telephone calls that involve the requisite number of members, and otherwise come within the definition, are included.


32 CFR § 242a.2

Scoping language

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