Technically qualified individual

Technically qualified individual means a person or persons:
(1) Who, because of education, training, or experience, or a combination of these factors, is capable of understanding the health and environmental risks associated with the microorganism which is used under his or her supervision,
(2) Who is responsible for enforcing appropriate methods of conducting scientific experimentation, analysis, or microbiological research to minimize such risks, and
(3) Who is responsible for the safety assessments and clearances related to the procurement, storage, use, and disposal of the microorganism as may be appropriate or required within the scope of conducting a research and development activity.


40 CFR § 725.3

Scoping language

Definitions in section 3 of the Act (15 U.S.C. 2602), as well as definitions contained in 704.3, 720.3, and 721.3 of this chapter, apply to this part unless otherwise specified in this section. In addition, the following definitions apply to this part:

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