(2) The proportion of student hours of employment (i.e., of hours of full-time students under certificates) to total hours of all employees during the corresponding month of the preceding twelve-month period (an alternative which is not applicable to all months of the year until 12 months after May 1, 1974); or


29 CFR § 519.6

Scoping language

A full-time student certificate will not be issued for a period longer than 1 year, nor will it be issued retroactively. It shall specify its effective and expiration dates. A copy of the certificate shall be posted during its effective period in a conspicuous place or places in the establishment or at the farm readily visable to all employees, for example, adjacent to the time clock or on the bulletin board used for notices to the employees. If temporary authorization is in effect under paragraph (a) of 519.4 of this subpart, a notice thereof shall be similarly posted during the effective period of such authorization.

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