Community rehabilitation program

Community rehabilitation program means a program that provides directly, or facilitates the provision of, one or more of the following vocational rehabilitation services to individuals with disabilities to enable those individuals to maximize their opportunities for employment, including career advancement -
(i) Medical, psychiatric, psychological, social, and vocational services that are provided under one management;
(ii) Testing, fitting, or training in the use of prosthetic and orthotic devices;
(iii) Recreational therapy;
(iv) Physical and occupational therapy;
(v) Speech, language, and hearing therapy;
(vi) Psychiatric, psychological, and social services, including positive behavior management;
(vii) Assessment for determining eligibility and vocational rehabilitation needs;
(viii) Rehabilitation technology;
(ix) Job development, placement, and retention services;
(x) Evaluation or control of specific disabilities;
(xi) Orientation and mobility services for individuals who are blind;
(xii) Extended employment;
(xiii) Psychosocial rehabilitation services;
(xiv) Supported employment services and extended services;
(xv) Customized employment;
(xvi) Services to family members if necessary to enable the applicant or eligible individual to achieve an employment outcome;
(xvii) Personal assistance services; or
(xviii) Services similar to the services described in paragraphs (i) through (xvii) of this definition.


34 CFR § 371.6

Scoping language

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