Startup, shutdown, and malfunction plan.

(3) Startup, shutdown, and malfunction plan.


40 CFR § 63.6

Scoping language

(1) The requirements in this section apply to the owner or operator of affected sources for which any relevant standard has been established pursuant to section 112 of the Act and the applicability of such requirements is set out in accordance with § 63.1(a)(4) unless—
(i) The Administrator (or a State with an approved permit program) has granted an extension of compliance consistent with paragraph (i) of this section; or
(ii) The President has granted an exemption from compliance with any relevant standard in accordance with section 112(i)(4) of the Act.
(2) If an area source that otherwise would be subject to an emission standard or other requirement established under this part if it were a major source subsequently increases its emissions of hazardous air pollutants (or its potential to emit hazardous air pollutants) such that the source is a major source, such source shall be subject to the relevant emission standard or other requirement.

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