Qualifying central counterparty (QCCP)

Qualifying central counterparty (QCCP) means a central counterparty that:
(i) Is a designated financial market utility (FMU) under Title VIII of the Dodd-Frank Act;
(ii) If not located in the United States, is regulated and supervised in a manner equivalent to a designated FMU; or
(iii) Meets the following standards:
(A) The central counterparty requires all parties to contracts cleared by the counterparty to be fully collateralized on a daily basis;
(B) The FDIC-supervised institution demonstrates to the satisfaction of the FDIC that the central counterparty:
(1) Is in sound financial condition;
(2) Is subject to supervision by the Federal Reserve, the CFTC, or the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC), or, if the central counterparty is not located in the United States, is subject to effective oversight by a national supervisory authority in its home country; and
(3) Meets or exceeds the risk-management standards for central counterparties set forth in regulations established by the Federal Reserve, the CFTC, or the SEC under Title VII or Title VIII of the Dodd-Frank Act; or if the central counterparty is not located in the United States, meets or exceeds similar risk-management standards established under the law of its home country that are consistent with international standards for central counterparty risk management as established by the relevant standard setting body of the Bank of International Settlements; and
(i) Provides the FDIC-supervised institution with the central counterparty's hypothetical capital requirement or the information necessary to calculate such hypothetical capital requirement, and other information the FDIC-supervised institution is required to obtain under §§ 324.35(d)(3) and 324.133(d)(3);
(ii) Makes available to the FDIC and the CCP's regulator the information described in paragraph (2)(i) of this definition; and
(iii) Has not otherwise been determined by the FDIC to not be a QCCP due to its financial condition, risk profile, failure to meet supervisory risk management standards, or other weaknesses or supervisory concerns that are inconsistent with the risk weight assigned to qualifying central counterparties under §§ 324.35 and 324.133.
(3) Exception. A QCCP that fails to meet the requirements of a QCCP in the future may still be treated as a QCCP under the conditions specified in § 324.3(f).


12 CFR § 324.2

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