Conditions. In order to modify a stream of annuity payments in accordance with paragraph (b) of this A13, the following conditions must be satisfied
(1) The future payments under the modified stream satisfy section 401(a)(9) and this section (determined by treating the date of the change as a new annuity starting date and the actuarial present value of the remaining payments prior to modification as the entire interest of the participant);
(2) For purposes of sections 415 and 417, the modification is treated as a new annuity starting date;
(3) After taking into account the modification, the annuity stream satisfies section 415 (determined at the original annuity starting date, using the interest rates and mortality tables applicable to such date); and
(4) The end point of the period certain, if any, for any modified payment period is not later than the end point available under section 401(a)(9) to the employee at the original annuity starting date.


26 CFR § 1.401(a)(9)-6

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