Maximum true vapor pressure

Maximum true vapor pressure means the equilibrium partial pressure exerted by the volatile organic compounds (as defined in 40 CFR 51.100) in the stored VOL at the temperature equal to the highest calendar-month average of the VOL storage temperature for VOL's stored above or below the ambient temperature or at the local maximum monthly average temperature as reported by the National Weather Service for VOL's stored at the ambient temperature, as determined:
(1) In accordance with methods described in American Petroleum institute Bulletin 2517, Evaporation Loss From External Floating Roof Tanks, (incorporated by reference—see § 60.17); or
(2) As obtained from standard reference texts; or
(3) As determined by ASTM D2879–83, 96, or 97 (incorporated by reference—see § 60.17);
(4) Any other method approved by the Administrator.


40 CFR § 60.111b

Scoping language

Terms used in this subpart are defined in the Act, in subpart A of this part, or in this subpart as follows:

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